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Specialty gift card and loyalty programs.


Branded currency consulting for agile retailers.

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 branded currency noun  Anything with brand-specific stored value. Including but not limited to gift cards, prepaid products, loyalty points, coupons, promotional codes and merchandise credits. Often one of the most under-utilized tools available to retailers.

It's more than a gift card.

It's an experience.

For most merchants, it starts and stops with a gift card. Unfortunately, those merchants are missing out on what their gift card could be.

Success is more than sales.

It's  data.

It's  customization.

It's  knowledge.

It's  engagement.

It's  connection.

 K+H Connection is a leading boutique gift card consulting firm supporting specialty, ecommerce, and premium merchants who are ready to see their brands grow utilizing the power of branded currency.  

Whether launching an all-new program or enhancing an existing program, managing the multitude of moving pieces is a complex, time-consuming project, and exactly what we’re great at. 

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